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Is this free to use?
Yes. An optional donation of $5 per piece used is suggested and highly appreciated. You do NOT need a PayPal account to make a donation! Just a credit card.

Welcome to the ALL NEW Public Domain Music Works web site

Pubdomain is an online music library of copyright free music (public domain music) giving the world access to music, without the legal hassles common today. A great deal of music has expired copyrights, but almost no recordings of this music is in the public domain. So that our visitors may listen, re-use, or in any way enjoy music, we aim to record or obtain recordings that have no copyrights.

"There ought to be but one large art warehouse in the world, to which the artist could carry his art-works and from which he could carry away whatever he needed..." - Beethoven

Public Domain Music Works represents the fruits of tens-of-thousands of hours of research in the US Copyright Office, Library of Congress and a host of other research centers. Presented in a convenient, user-friendly, fully searchable database of PD music, built upon the largest PD music database on the web.

The new PD Music Works is designed to be your one-stop, authoritative resource for finding the most outstanding works of music in the US public domain. Now you can have complete access to the new PD Music Works database. And to keep you current, the database will be updated regularly with hundreds of new titles, informative articles by leading experts, plus tips, tools and techniques for tapping into the vast national treasure trove known as the US Public Domain!

Here are some of the unique features of the new Public Domain Music Works web site:

  • Monthly subscription available for about the cost of an AOL account;
  • Approximately 10,000 hand-picked PD music titles and growing, specially selected by the editors of Public Domain Report;
  • Search music by Title, Genre, Composer, Keyword, Lyric, or any word or phrase;
  • Updated monthly with hundreds of new titles;
  • Rotating Editor's selection of top 100 PD songs with Real Audio sound clips;
  • Subscribers receive unrestricted, password protected access;
  • Sheet music offered for thousands of titles;
  • "On site" custom copyright research available;
  • "Ask the Experts" copyright forums;
  • Informative articles, tips, tricks and techniques for practical PD usage;
  • Presented by the expert Public Domain Report staff headed by copyright and entertainment law attorney E.Scott Johnson;
  • And much, much more!
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